Ecclestone talks about freeing F1 from hybrid engines

Ecclestone talks about freeing F1 from hybrid engines


For one of the Formula 1 bosses, Bernie Ecclestone, the era of hybrid engines in Formula 1 is coming to an end> ​​Bene says this just when the debate about engines is intense, especially in the idea of ​​sustainable engines, which should come in the near future, but at the moment F1 is seriously considering the return of V8 engines.

The complexity and high costs of the engines have been a force for teams with less budget, and a cheaper alternative needs to be found for the survival of F1 teams.

“I'm going to be in trouble for that, but we are going to dig up all the old engines normally aspirated. Everyone has them, the costs fall, the noise will come back and we can use them for five years while we create an engine for the future, ”said Ecclestone.

At the time that hybrid engines came to F1, Bernie was still ahead of the category and he was the one who most encouraged hybrid engines, today his opinion has changed, he took the opportunity to remember that F1 does not need to be relevant to the auto industry.

"People forget that F1 is in the entertainment business and when you stop having fun, you don't have a business. Let's get rid of these stupid engines. People in the stands are not interested in how super efficient they are, how much fuel they use. Max Mosley said that the noise doesn't matter, but I think so, I always have, ”said the former F1 CEO.

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